December 1st, 2012

Бритоголовый и С1-97

Priviet motherfuckers, I am Vladimir!

Недавно шведская группа Raubtier выпустила переиздание своего альбома Det Finns Bara Krig, добавив туда бонус-треком совершенно клюквенную композицию Dragunov.

Желающие могут подпевать:

Priviet motherfuckers, I am Vladimir,
I believe in Mother Russia and I persevere (?).
I was a Spetsnaz in the Red Army
and there was no better killer than me
But the Glasnost came and I lost my job,
and became a hitman for the russian mob.
I shot and killed both pimps and tsars for Vodka, guns and caviar.

Dragunov and Stolichnaya (x3),
Smirnoff and Kalashnikov

Dragunov and Stolichnaya (x3),
Smirnoff and Kalashnikov

I freelanced until 94 as a volunteer in the Balkan war
and then went home to Stalingrad for cars and women, ruble and blood.
So if you live in constant fear
just call and ask for … Vladimir.
I do the business, someone dies,
nastarov’je and goodbye!

Dragunov and Stolichnaya (x3),
Smirnoff and Kalashnikov

Nastarov’je and goodbye!

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