Представитель Шуры Люберецкого в ЖЖ (brat_luber) wrote,
Представитель Шуры Люберецкого в ЖЖ

Вопрос возник

А я правильно понимаю, что написана полнейшая, дичайшая, ебанутейшая херня?

Indeed, the CAN bus is the internal communication bus of a vehicle allowing data transfer between control units. This means that more signals are available and that the signal quality is much higher. However, this bus is proprietary and not standardly accessible and interpretable in a vehicle. Being that, the objective of this work is to further improve models based on OBD data by investigating a way to enhance the OBD data or attempt to generate CAN data from OBD using generative models and use the generated CAN data to predict the damage.


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